Renovated both bathrooms and kitchen in Florida 2 years ago and I’m still happy with the choices. A huge feat for me – I like to change things up often which drives Mark crazy.

Joan Recore

Fort Myers, Florida

John came over yesterday to my house and restored my black galaxy granite with Granite Shild! Looks fantastic! Thanks again!

Sheri Lewicki Ahearn

Eatontown, New Jersey

You should know that in the truest sense of artisanship – Ruffini is an artist capable of delivering work worthy of comparison to famous Italian stone craftsmen.

David Anthony Watts

Red Bank, New Jersey

Hi John, I just saw your work today. Excellent result. We are very happy. Thanks again! 

Dave and Fran Fiore

Wall, New Jersey

Kat: Love my kitchen!!!

Shawn: Still looks awesome.

Kat and Shawn Cowan

Fort Myers, Florida

John is a true professional, and I ought to know – I have been a cabinet designer for forty years. It’s always been a pleasure working with him, and he has consistently inspired confidence. I can wholeheartedly and unreservedly recommend him.

Andrew Harkness

Naples, Florida

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